Be Aware

The internet is  wonderful place to do business.  However, we must recognise there are those who would use your information for their own gain.  That said, we can take some steps to keep ourselves safe especially when selling from our home.

When a buyer asks to visit to try on the item you are selling, set some ground rules.

We just have to be aware some people are not what they say they are.

Set the time for the visit you are comfortable with, stick to it.

Always have at least one other person with you.  

Insist on cash, before the item leaves your possession.

Agree before the visit who is coming, it is your home you say how many people you will allow.  I would suggest no more than 2.  If 3 turn up stick to your boundaries.  It is okay to say no to the 3rd person.

Set a time limit for the visit.  Agree it before the buyer arrives.  Half an hour is ample time.

Set and agree the price you are asking, before they arrive.  

Decide which room  a buyer can use to try on your Wedding/Bridesmaid/Mother of the Bride Dress, remove any valuables.

Don’t leave someone unattended in your home, stay outside the designated room.  If they wish to use the loo upstairs/downstairs you or your friend stay in sight of the door.

Be aware of some of the tactics unscrupulous people use i.e. distracting your attention.  Stay focused.

If at any point during the visit you feel uneasy, bring the visit to a close.